Filipino-inspired Curated Premium Gift Box


In Philippine culture, it is customary for someone to bring a gift (pasalubong) home from their travels, whether you're coming from an out of town trip or from another country.

This box is our gift to you. We have curated a few tasty treats based on the theme "Merienda," the Filipino mid-afternoon snack.

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Each box will contain:
Single Serve Philippine Coffee and Tea from Umaga Cafe
An exclusive limited quantity Art Print by Little Sardine Tin
Ube cookies from Chef Kryssie Tinsay
Part of the proceeds will be donated to HATEISAVIRUS, a nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers to dismantle racism and hate.
ORDER HERE by APRIL 5th to RECEIVE on or before April 15th.

Please send payment via VENMO to @marcietaylor1

Pasalubox: Philippine Treats, Art , Food

The Merienda Box (November) == SOLD OUT AS OF 12/12/20
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Here are the items we have chosen for you along with a little back story from both of us. Please enjoy.
-Marcie & Jeanelle

"When I think of ensaymada, I think of our family gatherings. Ensaymada is so rich and decadent, so we like to enjoy it when the rest of the family is present." - Jeanelle

"When I think of ensayamadas, I see a relaxing afternoon with coffee and conversation with a good friend." -Marcie


"I always keep one in my purse or backpack in case I get hungry. It's my go-to snack to save me from hunger or tummy aches!" - Jeanelle

"My dad always has Skyflakes in his bag or his car. It's emergency food for when you get "hangry" (hungry+angry). Definitely a staple."-Marcie

Kopiko 3-in-1 Coffee
"If I buy coffee outside, I only buy coffee from craft roasters. But 3-in-1 coffee taps into my childhood, and reminds me of my grandma. So for me, it's either $7 craft coffee or 3-in-1 coffee. Nothing in between." Jeanelle

"I'm a big coffee snob now but I can't deny that growing up in Manila, I enjoyed 3-in-1 coffee when I was younger. Kopiko is actually an Indonesian brand but it is very popular in the Philippines." - Marcie

Mango Tamarind Ball and White Rabbit
"Tamarind from the Philippines is one of my family's favorite treats to enjoy. It's so chewy and easy to eat. This candy we are sharing with you is something new. I love that they've expanded to other flavors like mango and pineapple to change things up."- Jeanelle

"White Rabbit, now that's nostalgic. I remember feeling like a rebel in grade school because I'd eat the "wrapper." Turns out you are meant to eat it because it's made of edible rice paper. By the way, White Rabbit is a milk candy from China." - Marcie

Ube Butter by Chef Kryssie Tinsay
"Chef Kryssie's ube butter is REALLY DIFFICULT to stop eating. She made some ube butter when we collaborated on a video to show off her recipes (See I thought ube butter was alright but I had one taste and I was MINDBLOWN!" - Jeanelle

"Who doesn't love ube anything?" - Marcie

Puto Mug Cake Kit by Jeanelle Castro
I LOVE kakanin, which are rice-based snacks from the Philippines. Puto is one of the most popular rice cakes that I would eat in the Philippines, next to kutsinta.

I chose to include a Puto Mug Cake in this PasaluBOX because it's super easy to make in the microwave, and whoever receives our boxes can have fresh "puto" whenever they feel like whipping it up. You can put in extracts or other ingredients to change the flavor too.

To make it even MORE Filipino, I decided to add pinipig to the mix to add crunchiness to the texture. Pinipig are pounded grains of glutinous rice, which are usually sprinkled on top of Filipino desserts.